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A new generation learning tool is available to community colleges for career training, traditional and distance education, and national initiatives such as Perkins and the recent Department of Labor’s (DOL) Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training Program (TAACCCT)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - April 12, 2011, Quantum Adaptive Learning, LLC., a leader in artificial intelligence (AI) educational technology, released real-time data regarding the impact of its Quantum Tutors® on student improvement and mastery in introductory accounting courses this semester. Analysis of assessment data for students using the Quantum Tutors® at colleges and universities across the country indicates that students are experiencing significant improvement, mastery and accelerated learning.

For example, before using the Quantum Tutor for Adjusting Entries, students enrolled in Principles of Accounting and Financial Accounting performed at only 38% accuracy when problem solving. After working with Quantum’s software for an average of only 2.5 hours, accuracy jumped to 70%, an increase of 32%, and the percent of students achieving mastery of the topic climbed to 87%. Similar results occurred with the Quantum Tutor for Transaction Analysis. At the start of their learning session, students had 60% accuracy then improved 16% to 76% with 82% of students achieving mastery.

“We have required the Quantum Tutors® for over two years and found that the software improves analytic skills and builds a strong foundation for beginning students, which is key to successfully completing the course,” states Sara Harris, Accounting Faculty/Department Chair at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, Colorado. “Students are more engaged and learn more efficiently with the Quantum® software compared to other learning tools we’ve used in the past. Quantum® will continue to play a major role in helping us provide a supportive learning environment for our students in accounting.”

Quantum® implemented a new assessment reporting feature in the Fall of 2010 to help instructors track student improvement and mastery for their classes by analyzing actual student work (not multiple choice answers) and reporting key data at the class and student levels on demand.

“The data sample discussed here uses the same assessment technology to report on student learning trends at a national level, which is further testimony to the depth and power of this software,” commented Dr. Benny Johnson, President and CEO of Quantum®. “Our goal is to leverage proven pedagogy and advanced AI technologies to help students optimize valuable study time and achieve success in their courses.”

More information about the Quantum Tutors® and Assessment Reporting, including student performance studies comparing Quantum® to other learning tools such as textbooks and homework software, is available at

About Quantum®
Dedicated to its mission to improve education, Quantum Adaptive Learning, LLC. is a leader in intelligent technologies and is on the cutting edge of innovation. Quantum® develops unique artificial intelligence (AI) tutoring, assessment and professional development software for accounting, science and mathematics that empowers instructors and inspires students in K-16, adult learning and distance education programs to achieve more. Quantum's intelligent learning software is available stand-alone or integrated with web-based homework products and learning management systems. Through funding from the U.S. Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences, including the SBIR program, the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health and in collaboration with educators nationwide, Quantum® is realizing its vision of inquiry-based learning to teach students how to become better learners and independent thinkers.


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